About Us

Harbor Hall, a drug and alcohol treatment center residing on the shores of Little Traverse Bay, on Lake Michigan. We are located in Petoskey, Michigan, in the Northern Lower Peninsula and; have been in the same location since our inception in the fall of 1973, to when our doors officially opened in February of 1974. We started out as Half-Way Home, Inc., by a dedicated group of local citizens, who wanted to see adult men have a safe place to return to after completing primary, residential treatment. We operated out of divine benevolence, through the generosity of residents and volunteers. From donated furniture to paint blitzes, it became a refuge of safety to men who were working to rebuild their broken lives. They were treated to a bed, hot meals and dignity; things you could not put a price on, for the value that they delivered. In the early 80’s, we became a long-term residential treatment center for adult males and changed our name to Harbor Hall. Approximately thirty years ago, a gentleman named Leo Desimple got involved with the mission of the organization. Leo dedicated the remainder of his life, to getting the right people involved in the organization, insuring that it would become; “The Place to go, for the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders.” Since we are located in a resort area; attracting summer residents from all over the Midwest, Leo’s dream has come true and Harbor Hall has continued to evolve, to the state of the art treatment center it has become. Leo died on May 22, 2007, leaving behind a loving family that was assured that his legacy lives on within the clean, comfortable and modern facilities, to the dedicated and hardworking staff and Board of Directors of Harbor Hall and Harbor Hall Foundation. This blog insures that we keep the community informed of our works and also; by sharing news in the community, we are fulfilling part of our mission; to educate the public at large, of substance use disorders and their treatment.

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